Move The People.
Move The World.

LULA is a tech-enabled ride-sharing solution that enables people to be collected from their homes and taken to work and back again safely and reliably. Whether it’s a Loop, a charter or a partnership, LULA is the ultimate transport partner.

Get your people
on a loop

Take the stress out of your team’s daily commute and organise a loop today! It’s the safe and reliable transport solution that will help them arrive better, so they can do better and get to where they need to be on time, every time.

What is a LULA Loop?

A Loop is a scheduled recurring ride that is optimised to let your people commute from home to work with their colleagues in the comfort of a verified and experienced LULA driver.

Who's It For


We prioritise your people's productivity by making their daily commute to and from work more, efficient, enjoyable and stress-free. Plus, you can charter a LULA for ad-hoc rides to a meeting, airport and beyond.



Move the people. Move the world. Partner with LULA and earn recurring income with market leading rates and professional clients!


Transport Operators

Partner with LULA to digitise your fleet and improve your operational efficiency. Share in the ecosystem for more revenue or utilise our platform on your existing transport contracts and delight your customers.

Why Choose LULA


Book all your rides upfront at the click of a button and our drivers will pick you up from your front door.


Reduce your carbon footprint. Reduce the number of cars on the road


Ride with your fellow colleagues, friends or family with the peace of mind of being driven by an experienced, verified driver.

Our Mission

LULA is on a mission to enable people in emerging cities to thrive by connecting them to economic opportunities through sustainable mobility.

Our Clients

We’ve provided transport solutions for:

Key Stats

3,000+ tons

CO2 Reduced






Businesses served


Driver partners


Customer satisfaction rate

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  • Paulo


    I would like to clearly state that riding with LULA has been one of the amazing service ever received to a transport company. Well done LULA. Thank you for the safety and excellency of your service.

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