Move the people.
Move the world.

Who Are We

LULA is an enterprise ride sharing platform connecting commuters to private shuttles for sustainable & convenient rides in emerging cities - Freeing up time, saving money and the planet.

We're on a mission to enable people in emerging cities to thrive by connecting them to economic opportunities through sustainable transportation. Through the culture of ridesharing, we're building critical infrastructure that serves people where public transit falls short.

The “why” is simple: without access to transport, we can't access economic opportunities. With LULA, we aim to provide: Reliable transport options to businesses in emerging cities, enabling productivity and social impact Reduce the barriers to economic opportunities Meaningfully reduce your carbon footprint to achieve a net zero future

Reliable transport options in emerging cities around the world.
Break down barriers to economic opportunities.
LULA’s vision is global and connected to the unique challenges of the final frontier market of Africa centred on a #ZeroCarbonFuture.
Join the LULA revolution. Move the people. Move the world.