Organising transport for your people can be a major source of stress for your business - whether it's after hours transport, early morning rides to the airport for your guests or the company offsite for 300 people. Transform the way you move with LULA: the convenient and efficient solution for your business, on time, every time!.

Choose from a wide range of vehicles


7 Seaters

10 - 15 Seaters

22 Seaters

Moving your teams is an honor

Show them they’re valuable by partnering with one of the best mobility providers on the market.

Regular Transport Provider
Ride Hailing
Staff Transport, Charters, Commuting
Mobile, Driver & Web App
Coverage Local National National
Booking platform for employees
End-to-End manage services
Scalability across South Africa
Route Optimization
Regular reporting
Impact Metrics / C02 reduction
Fleet Size Limited Capacity Scalable Scalable
Flexible Pricing & Billing models
Multichannel Customer Support
POPI Act complaince
Surge Pricing based on demand/time of day



Colleagues are collected from their homes by a friendly, verified driver. They travel to work and back safely with people they know.


Our scheduled rides system means your people are always on time, and they can track the driver’s progress via our app


With the stress and anxiety of a daily commute removed, your people can focus on what they need to do and apply themselves 100%.

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