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What is a Loop?

A LULA Loop is a predefined scheduled trip that follows an optimised route for your employees daily commute. Your staff will be collected by an experience and verified driver from their home and shuttled to work. They’ll be on time, every time. These safe and reliable Loops take the stress out of daily commuting and after hours transport. Organise a Loop for your people TODAY.

Here’s how a Loop works

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Transport manager uploads employees to their LULA portal. The platform groups the employees into clusters within close proximity for easy pick-ups. Once employees are verified and matched to a cluster, they may book their rides based on preferred schedules or arrival times at the workplace. Driver starts the trip as riders are notified, collecting each one at their front door whilst delivering both the HR Manager and passenger a real-time tracking experience

There are two types of pick-up schedules:

Single Pick up:

Picking up passengers from different collection points to a single drop-off location i.e picking up passengers from home to work

Multiple Pick up:

Picking up a group of passengers from one location to their individual drop-off locations i.e picking up passengers from work to home.

Loop schedules can be created daily, weekly or monthly!

What are the benefits of a Loop?

Safe and reliable daily commute
Drivers are all verified
Your people arrive on time, every time
Fewer cars on the road mean fewer emissions
it's a stress-free transport solution
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Flat prices. Low emissions. Shared rides.

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