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Amazing Benefits

Consistent Source of Income

LULA prioritises the driver. We take 0% commission from your rate.

Scheduled pickups

Get assigned pre-scheduled routes with riders within trusted networks.

Make your city greener

Reduce the number of cars on the road and improve the flow of traffic during peak hours.

What our drivers say


To get people safely to work, especially with what’s happening around in the world now, it is not that easy to take safe public transport.⁣

Mukhtar May

Mukhtar May


I love the fact that your daily tasks, if any, has a time frame which gives me that adrenaline rush to please our clients and, mostly, I don’t have to wait till month end to get paid.

Ntebaleng Mbiza

Ntebaleng Mbiza


I like the flexibility that LULA offers, if I am not available someone else fills in, the fact that they professional and a pleasure to deal with is a bonus.⁣

Shafiek Khan

Shafiek Khan

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